Treats, treats, treats, treats

We’ve established that sweet treats might just be my downfall, but lately I’ve been thinking about treats in general.

I like a handful of potato chips with my sandwich at lunch time. It brightens up an otherwise boring lunch and provides a nice bit of crunch. I always buy homebrand or stock up on branded when they’re on special. So that’s all good, right?


The problem with buying tasty treats is that we eat them. Too much of them and too quickly. A pack should last all week if we all just have a few each day, but instead we snack on them between meals (it’s just too easy to grab a handful from an open packet, isn’t it!). So the packets I stocked up on get opened and eaten and so on, on repeat.

And then one week I bought six packets of potato chips. Six. I bought two, we ate them. I bought another two, we ate them. I bought a further two, we ate them and I thought ‘this is ridiculous’. They were on special, but it still amounted to $15 worth of potato chips in one week. $15! More than I’d spent on veggies. Not only is that a lot of money, it’s not healthy. Not at all.

I tried to think of how to avoid this. Willpower is one way, but that hasn’t worked so far! I considered hiding the spare packets from the rest of the family. Or storing daily portions. Or buying the multi packs with individual portions, which cost more per unit but might just limit us to eating one portion instead of snacking.

Then I had an epiphany. What if I don’t buy potato chips.

I know. Groundbreaking.

So I stopped. Cold turkey, you might say. We haven’t missed them and in fact have been having a side of carrot or cucumber sticks with our sandwich, which is not only much cheaper, but MUCH healthier.

So, why the huge post on potato chips? It’s all about the thought process and mindset. Revaluating our habits and rethinking what we ‘need’. Cutting out the small things, which may actually be a bigger source of spending than we think. $15 in a week was super excessive, but $5 wasn’t unheard of. $5 a week = $260 per year. That’s $260 that’s better in our pocket.


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