What we spent – October

I read a lot of blogs on saving money and I find that even though I follow their advice I still can’t lower our spending. Which then makes me wonder if I’m actually already spending as much or less than these bloggers are. In the interest of full disclosure and to make me truly accountable, each month I outline exactly what we spend.

(NB: We don’t pay for everything every month – car expenses and home insurance are paid annually.)

Rent: $1890.18

Phone / internet / TV: $79.90

Mobiles (2 phone): $75.00

Private health insurance: $173.96 – (yeah, still waiting for them to sort out the premium and credit the additional charges…)

Pet insurance: $42.20

Electricity (bi-monthly): $321.35

Food / groceries / entertainment: $722.88 – this is getting better, but still has a way to go.

Fuel: $128.09

School expenses: $53.00 – registration at a local high school

Children: $171.03

Haircuts: $159.00

Gifts: $399.48 – this is ramping up now we head into a busy period of birthdays and Christmas.

House: $52.30

Professional fees: $44.00

Sewing equipment: $20.24

Spending: $31.92 – nail polish and a top

Total spending: $4364.53

Overall, this isn’t too bad. I can definitely see some areas for improvement, and am starting to se a pattern of where our money is going. More on that in a future blog post! 


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