Electricity bill win

Its been two months since this happened:


I’m still, still reeling.

I put in place a set of rules to follow to help us save money on electricity and we made some pretty good progress. I was actually excited to get our next bill!

And its arrived:


I’m really pleased. At first, I was a little disappointed as I was hoping it would be below $300. And its more than the same period last year, which came in at $301.90

But, we have had a very, very cold winter here in Perth. I would suggest that August and September, instead of heading into warmer spring weather, was actually as cold as the winter months of June and July which resulted in the seriously big bill.

I had a look at the Bureau of Meteorology website, and discovered that I was in fact correct:

Mean min temp (C) Mean max temp (C) Rainfall Sunshine
Sep-16 7.6 18.5  68.8 238.2
Aug-16 7.9 17.7 123.2 192.0
Jul-16 7.5 17.7 139.6 190.4
Jun-16 8.9 18.6 109.4 170.6

Plus, the mean maximum temperature in September was a full 4 degrees colder than the previous year.  I’m convinced that our bill would have been in the $400’s – at least – if we hadn’t followed the rules.

We’re keeping up the effort, although I’ve noticed a bit of a creep back of ‘tv on in the background’. The warmer weather has made avoiding using the dryer very easy – and I love the smell of washing that has been dried outside – and the bright, sunny days have meant we are outside more which is great for our electricity use and our inner self.


What about you – what do you do to save electricity? How was your winter heating bill?


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