Frugal spring school holidays

Another two weeks of school holidays has finished and its a good time to reflect on what we did and what we spent. The July school holidays went a little over-budget, as did the holiday we took in the first week of these school holidays, but thankfully the rest of the break shaped up pretty well.

Days 1 and 2 – the first weekend was taken up with Mstr FF’s regular swimming lessons, a family party at home for Mr FF’s birthday and mostly washing and packing for the upcoming holiday. Spending = $0.

Days 3 to 7 – family holiday.

Days 8 and 9 – the second weekend was spent unpacking and washing. We even spent a blissful full day in our pjs! Spending = $0.

Day 10 – a playdate in a local park. We didn’t even have to supply snacks, as another family did this for us. Spending = $0.

Days 11 and 12 – Mstr FF went to his Nana’s house and stayed overnight. Spending = $0.

Day 13 – we had another playdate in a local park. We are surrounded by amazing parks nearby with kids play equipment and wide open spaces. The weather these holidays was a bit mixed, but thankfully we managed a lot of outdoor time. Spending = $0.

Day 14 – we had the only Mummy-kiddy day of the holidays so we had a treat of afternoon tea at a café with a playground. Spending = $17.90.

Day 15 – we went to a Lego exhibition and saw some amazing creations. Spending = $24.90 entrance fee.

Day 16 – we went to the Zoo. With annual passes purchased with Christmas gift money and a packed  lunch this is a free day out for us. Spending = $0.

Day 17 – we had our last playdate in – you guessed it – a local park. Spending = $0.

Total spending: $42.80 – not including the holiday.

We had a really lovely holiday and I’m pleased with this level of spending, and our combination of paid and free activities. We don’t have a separate budget for school holiday spending so keeping it as frugal as possible is important for our overall budget.




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