What we spent – September

I read a lot of blogs on saving money and I find that even though I follow their advice I still can’t lower our spending. Which then makes me wonder if I’m actually already spending as much or less than these bloggers are. In the interest of full disclosure and to make me truly accountable, each month I outline exactly what we spend.

(NB: We don’t pay for everything every month – car expenses and home insurance are paid annually.)

Rent: $1,890.18

Phone / internet / TV: $79.90

Mobiles (2 phone): $75.00

Private health insurance: $173.96 – we’re still being overcharged, three months after calling to apply an employer discount. They promise they are sorting it out. I’m annoyed. Very, very annoyed.

Pet insurance: $42.40

Water (bi-monthly): $34.89 – as we rent, we don’t pay water rates and as such this is just consumption.

Food / groceries / entertainment: $834.22 – this just keeps getting worse and worse…

Fuel: $116.52

Medical equipment: $140.13 – my husband requires specific medical equipment which is heavily subsidised but still costs us.

School expenses: $46 – school photo time! We bought a discounted package with a class photo and various sized individual photos which we give to grandparents and aunties at Christmas time.

Children: $133 – Christmas, birthdays and clothes as the season changes.

Children’s activities: $378.07 – Miss FF will be joining Mstr FF in swimming lessons this coming term. We also joined a new playgroup and had a joining fee, part of last term and this coming term to pay for (we could have paid in instalments, but I’d rather just get it out of the way).

Gifts: $90.78 – various school friends of Mstr FF, Mr FF and upcoming family birthdays.

Holidays:$351.39 (plus some cash I made from selling an item on Gumtree; the accommodation was paid for earlier in the year).

Cattery: $90

Spending: $4.29 – lipgloss.

Total spending: $4,480.73

Not too bad overall this month, except for the groceries. This budget line is way too high, especially as this month we were away for five days. Time to do a grocery boot camp, I think!

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