Saving and spending – August



I love browsing on Gumtree, there are some fantastic bargains to be had. My son’s lamp had been involved in a terrible falling-off-the-bedside-table accident and was somewhat the worse for wear. It also wasn’t very bright and not suitable for all the reading he does. I found a fantastic lamp for only $5. Estimated savings: $10+


I received a gift voucher for my birthday last year, and it was about to expire. I found two (okay, identical) jumpers that were lovely and warm and perfect for winter on sale and with a further 30% off, making them just $21 each. Estimated savings: $80.


Its been a really cold and wet winter here in Perth. Apart from our horrific electricity bill, mostly as a result of using heating, I’ve also spent a lot of time in the car running errands to places I would normally walk. In one day I had 10 car trips, some only a few blocks away. I much prefer to walk as it is free, great exercise, good for the environment and means Miss FF is happily settled in her pram instead of being dragged in and out of her car seat all day. Estimated cost: a few $$ and my sanity  🙂

The light grey jumper above turned out to be a bad buy. Even though I tried it on before I bought it, when it came to wearing it somehow it just sat wrong. I found that I was always adjusting it and was really quite uncomfortable. Comparing it with the dark grey (which I still love) it seems it is slightly bigger and sits too far down on my shoulders. I can’t figure out a way to adjust it, I don’t want to wear a top that annoys me and so it’s up for sale (yep, on Gumtree!). Estimated cost: $21.

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