Frugal Father’s Day

It was Father’s Day the other week and we had a fabulous – and frugal – day. We could have spent a fortune, we could have spent less, but we chose not to.


My son’s class at school made some lovely cards and gifts (thank-you primary school teachers everywhere!) which Mr FF loved. Mstr FF gets such a kick out of making gifts, which makes our parenting hearts sing.


We bought a little gift which cost $3 and made some truly delicious caramel fudge using ingredients we already had.


We could have bought a fabulous and expensive gift which, in all honesty, Mr FF probably didn’t need and it really wouldn’t have added to the occasion.

We could have eschewed gifts, but we like to show our appreciation, albeit in a small and frugal way.


We had a fantastic day at a park and nature reserve. We walked through bushland, saw native wildlife, had a fantastic picnic and played at the playground. The weather was beautiful and it was a really special day.

We finished the day with ice-creams for Mr FF and Mstr FF and a cool drink for me ($10.00).

We could have paid to visit the adjacent wildlife park , bought snacks and lunch, hired bikes, had a ride on the train (and lets not forget doing these things ensures the park makes money and people are employed and are therefore good things to do). The day out would have cost around $200 and I honestly don’t think our visit was any the worse for not doing these things.

We could have spent nothing, but as previously discussed, treats are our downfall. And we like to have a balanced approach to frugality, saving money most of the time and spending a little of it some of the time. As long as we maintain that, instead of the reverse, we are happy.


How do you celebrate special occasions? What are your frugal tips?

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