Electricity bill – update

Its been almost a month since this happened:


I’m still reeling.

I’ve put in place a set of rules to follow to help us save money on electricity. Halfway through our billing period, I’m reflecting on how we’ve done so far.

  • Two light rule – we’re actually doing pretty well at this, and I am surprised! Our house is very dark in winter but we’ve resisted turning all the lights on everywhere all the time. It’s becoming more of a habit to leave lights off than to turn them on.
  • Switch off appliances at the wall – mixed. I was really good at this…for a few days, then I lost the habit as quickly as I gained it. I go through each room every morning for a quick tidy so it should be really easy to achieve this. I’m going to try harder on this one.
  • Nothing on TV? Turn it off – we’ve made really good progress on this and don’t have ‘TV on in the background’ as much. And actually, the silence is really nice.
  • Leaving the room? Switch everything off – this has taken a bit of effort and reminding to the other members of the house, but at least we always notice and go back to turn things off, rather than leaving them on and that’s a partial win.
  • Close doors and windows; Open curtains during the day, close them at sunset – yep. We experienced a really cold winter in Perth and we have had to keep doors and windows closed to try to retain some warmth. On a rare warm afternoon, I’ll open some doors and windows to air the house and let some warmth in, but I make sure to close them before the temperature drops mid-afternoon.
  • Layer up with thick socks, jumpers, and blankets – we’ve all rediscovered our hot water bottles and can report that they are A.MAZ.ING. We haven’t used the heating in the last month, in fact we’ve put it away as we’ve found other ways to keep warm.
  • Wash on sunny days and hang on the line – I’ve massively reduced the use of the clothes dryer and, I’m not going to lie, it’s been hard work. With nappies, baby clothes, school and work uniforms, towels and bedding we do mountains of washing each week. Step one was to reduce the amount of washing by wearing clothes more than once, step two was to stagger the washing so we have a rotating sequence of wet washing, drying washing, and dry washing. I make use of any sunny days by hanging washing on the line, I’ve been using a washing line we strung up under the patio and two clothes hangers in the house. There is washing all over the place all the time, and sometimes I have to resort to popping it in the dryer for 30mins just to finish off the drying on a really cold and wet day, but overall a 10/10 for effort.

It’s still a work in progress, but I’m proud of our efforts thus far. I hope our next electricity bill reflects this!


What about you – what do you do to save electricity? How was your winter heating bill?

7 thoughts on “Electricity bill – update

  1. We’re in summer here in Chicago but we just started line drying our clothes to reduce the electric bill. Waiting to see a result is driving me crazy! I’d like to know immediately if our efforts are worth it or not! Good luck to you, I hope to hear a big decrease after all your effort!

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      • Oh yes, I didn’t even think to check the meter! That would have been a good idea. Oh well, I’m sure every bit will add up to something!


  2. I love the thought of this, we don’t usually have an unreasonable electric bill but anything helps & even the thought of saving energy is enough to make me want to try this!

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