What we spent – August

I read a lot of blogs on saving money and I find that even though I follow their advice I still can’t lower our spending. Which then makes me wonder if I’m actually already spending as much or less than these bloggers are. In the interest of full disclosure and to make me truly accountable, each month I outline exactly what we spend.

(NB: We don’t pay for everything every month – car expenses and home insurance are paid annually.)

Rent: $1998.81

Phone / internet / TV: $80.50 – the extra charges compared with last month are simply a few additional phone calls.

Mobiles (2 phones): $74.12 – including the credit of fees charged in error.

Private health insurance: $202.73 – we are being overcharged due to an error with our insurer; some of this has been credited but one issue is yet to be resolved. The charges are high this month as we pay every second Tuesday and there were five Tuesdays this month, hence three payments (week 1, week 3, week 5).

Pet insurance: $63.60 – also three payments this month instead of the usual two.

Electricity (bi-monthly): $553.30

Car repairs: $165.00

Food / groceries / entertainment: $747.29 – reducing this is my priority this month!

Fuel: $100.28

Medicine: $19.95

Medical equipment: $3.00 – very low as Mr FF stocked up last month.

School expenses: $9.00 – there were two dress up days and we made super budget costumes (one even won the class prize!).

Children: $99.00 – clothes (my son completely outgrew all his trousers) and Christmas / birthday presents.

Gifts: $7.00 – for my son’s school friend, a craft set at half price.

Holidays: $756.00 – this is payment for a chalet for a week away in September 2017, over a year away but we had to pay in full in advance (I wasn’t pleased).

House: $108.35 – superglue and washing machine repairs.

Spending: $107.38 – shoes, underpants, face cream.

Total spending: $5095.31

Ouch. Huge spending this month, due to a really high electricity bill, car and washing machine repairs, and the holiday booking. These expenses combined come to over $1500. The car and washing machine repair costs were beyond our control, but the benefit of trying to live more frugally is that we have the money available to pay for unexpected expenses, annoying as they are.


How did you go this month? Over budget, under budget? How does your spending compare with ours?

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