Haircuts – they’re not frugal

I’ve tracked our spending for many years, and am constantly trying to reduce what we spend. Even so, writing this blog has been enlightening and really helped me to see where our money goes and where there are opportunities to save.

It really hurt my frugal inner being to write about the cost of my haircut in July’s spending summary. The total cost of $159 for a cut and colour is in no way frugal and makes efforts to save money on small things like breakfast cereal seem ridiculously silly. Spending on haircuts should be the first thing to drop when looking through our budget – its too much money and totally unnecessary. Buuuuttttt……I really love having my haircut. I love going to the salon, having someone make me a cup of tea with a little biscuit, being pampered, and relaxing for an hour or so. And call me vain, call me shallow, I also think I look better and feel better with a good cut and colour.


I’m not willing – yet – to go without my haircuts, but I can save money on personal grooming in other ways.

  1. I cut my family’s hair. We bought some hair clippers around 8 years ago and I use them on Mr FF and Mstr FF (Miss FF is too little for haircuts). They were good quality clippers reduced to half price. They paid for themselves within six months and every haircut since has been money in our pocket. Its also easier to organise – no having to find time to take a trip to the shops, we can cut hair whenever and wherever we want to.
  2. I avoid the added extras. I used to have a blow-dry with my haircut until I realised it cost almost as much as the cut itself. Now, my hair is dried enough to complete the cut, but I don’t sit there for an extra 30 minutes while every last strand of hair is professionally styled. It still looks and feels great, but I save around $40.
  3. I don’t buy an extras. These include expensive shampoos, conditioners, treatments and styling products.
  4. I have a simple hair style and highlights. This means it only needs redoing every three months. I’ve tried all sorts of different hairstyles and a shoulder-length bob with a small fringe is, for me, the most care-free and minimalist of all in terms of daily grooming and maintenance.
  5. I don’t pay for any other grooming. I pluck my eyebrows, shave my legs and do my own manicures and pedicures. These are all things I can easily do at home and the results are, while perhaps not as good as having them done professionally, perfectly okay.
  6. I ask for vouchers for birthday and Christmas presents. It’s a gift that I know I’ll use and enjoy so I always ask for it. Last year I got $100 in vouchers, which just about pays for one haircut.

I’ve probably justified the cost…maybe. It still hurts my inner frugal being but for now I’m okay with that.


What do you think about spending money on personal grooming? How do you save money or is it a justifiable expense?

2 thoughts on “Haircuts – they’re not frugal

  1. I just cut my three boys’ hair this morning! I started doing it years ago when I realized boys need really frequent haircuts. At least with my hair I can go longer between cuts and stretch out the cost some. It’s a great idea to ask for vouchers as gifts! I might do that this Christmas when my mom starts asking me what I want and I really have no answer. Oh and I totally get not being able to give up certain things, once I have this new baby, I will be adding into our budget a little bit of wine each month 🙂

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