What we spent – July

I read a lot of blogs on saving money and I find that even though I follow their advice I still can’t lower our spending. Which then makes me wonder if I’m actually already spending as much or less than these bloggers are. In the interest of full disclosure and to make me truly accountable, each month I outline exactly what we spend.

(NB: We don’t pay for everything every month – car expenses and home insurance are paid annually.)

Rent: $1998.81

Phone / internet / TV: $79.90

Mobile phone: $75.44 – the 44c was charged for the last few months for payment via a credit card, even though we don’t actually pay via a credit card. It pays to check your bills, even for small overcharges. We called our provider and they have agreed to stop the charges and credit the full amount overpaid. All $1.32 of it!

Private health insurance: $192.19 – ah, this has been causing me some issues lately. My husband’s employer informed us of a corporate discount we could obtain from our health insurer. Two months after I first called them to request the discount, and several more phone calls later, not only has this not been done but they have added on an extra fee they thought we should be paying which we actually shouldn’t be. We will hopefully receive the backdated discount and the refund of the extra fees soon.

Pet insurance: $42.40

Water (bi-monthly): $40.99 – as we rent, we don’t pay water rates and as such this is just consumption.

Food / groceries / entertainment: $695.64 – this is a major focus for me to reduce.

Fuel: $146.11

Medical appointments / medicine: $334.80 – I had some extensive dental work and this was the amount after the private health insurance rebate. Ouch.

Medical equipment: $158.19 – my husband requires specific medical equipment which is heavily subsidised but still costs us. This month was higher than normal as he stocked up on a few items.

School expenses: $0.50 – my son broke his ruler and I offered to pay half to replace it. Mug.

Children: $55.20 – clothes and a bulk box of baby wipes.

Haircuts: $159.00 – my main treat. Don’t judge me!

Gifts: $98.41 – my Nanna’s birthday and my cousin’s housewarming.

House: $71.48 – light globes and printer ink.

Spending: $48.90 – jeans and socks for Mr FF, nail polish for me.

Professional registration: $133.80

Total spending: $4450.74

We still have some way to go and I’m working hard to reduce our spending. I hope this pays off in the next few months.


How did you go this month? Over budget, under budget? How does your spending compare with ours?

10 thoughts on “What we spent – July

  1. I know every place is different but is your rent typical of the area? Other than your hair expense and the groceries (always a tough one for a family!) I’m not seeing any area that can be tightened much more! Great work!

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    • Yep, very typical of the area. In fact we chose the cheapest house available at the time, but prices have dropped quite a lot in the last year so we’ve asked for a reduction – fingers crossed!
      I know, my hair! I’ve been thinking about that a lot in the last few days. It’s a lot of money!
      Thanks for the encouragement!


      • That would be great to get a reduction! Every bit helps. I used to spend a lot to get my hair dyed all over dark brown, totally doable in my bathroom for less than 10% of what I was paying, but I was too lazy. Now, I do it myself but I’m still lazy so I spend a few weeks plucking out the visible grays! Haha!

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    • Hi frugally inclined Mum! Yep, we use washable nappies and cloth wipes, absolutely love them! But I use disposable wipes occasionally, like when we are out and about or if we’ve run out of cloth wipes etc. Great tip tho – it’s such a money saver!

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      • Ah yes, we do use disposables out and about as well 🙂 I was fortunate to receive a large box as a babyshower gift that has kept me going over a year now 🙂 I’m only a sporadic user of them 🙂


  2. Groceries is my hardest one too! I’ve gotten into meal planning and only been doing it for 3 weeks but have already saved about $500! I do a weekly shop on Sunday’s, and a top up shop on Wednesdays/Thursday’s (whenever we run out of milk, break and need fresh veg). I can’t believe how much I wasted on food!

    P.s. The ‘school expenses’ 😂😂 you mug haha

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