Saving and spending – June

Its been a big week here at FF Towers. We’ve had a long weekend (extra long for Mstr FF as he had a pupil free day on Friday). There have been some frugal wins and some frugal…well, failures.



I drink decaf tea and, for some reason, it costs around double the price of normal tea. But not this week! This week it was less than half-price, so I bought…lots… Estimated savings: $18.72.

We needed some more containers to store baby food in. The baby food containers cost a bomb, so I bought some small containers, on sale at around a quarter of the price of the same sized containers coloured brightly and sold as baby goods. Estimated savings: $8.60.

The washing powder that I desperately needed just happened to be on special, around 20% off, woo hoo. Estimated savings: $3.80.

Our cereal was less than half price and after buying 6 boxes earlier in the week I searched for some more, but alas the shelves were bare….until I spotted a secret stash tucked away near the kitchenware. Estimated savings: $18.96.



I found an ah-maz-ing recipe on the interweb and duly purchased the ingredients. As you can see from the pic, this wasn’t a health bar. It tasted awesome, but cost a small fortune to make. Estimated cost: $9.50.

And a major fail – on Sunday we went to a local aquarium (free, more on that in another post). I decided to treat my son to ice-cream using some money I received selling some old kids toys. I figured I wouldn’t have any (save money, save calories). Then I changed my mind. Then Mr FF and I decided to have a double serve. Each. And failed to use a buy-one-get-one-free voucher we had. Major fail. Estimated cost: $20.50.

Mmmm…..I’m starting to think my downfall is sweet treats

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