How to save $400 a year on breakfast

I’m on a mission to find out exactly what everything we do costs, and I’m looking at breakfast. I’ve gotta be honest, I thought it was a waste of time to investigate something so seemingly small and insignificant, but the results blew my mind.

I used to believe that variety is the spice of life, and liked to have a few different options for, well, everything. Food, clothes, makeup etc. etc. etc. But I’m learning to simplify and reduce my options. This allows me to declutter my life – my cupboards, my house, my mind – and potentially, to save money.

We used to have several breakfast cereals, breads (for toast) and toppings in the house, just in case we felt like a particular option. We would frequently treat ourselves with special types of bread or pastries, but I’m trying very hard to avoid such treats.


I’ve narrowed our breakfast cereal choices down to two. These are the ones my family likes to eat and they are easy to prepare. I’ve considered making porridge, which is apparently really, really cheap, but I just don’t have the time to make it in the morning (and no, I’m not prepared to make time by waking up early!).

I know that there is a large difference in the cost of each cereal type, with one pack being both cheaper and lasting a lot longer than the other, but I’ve never crunched the numbers to work out exactly what our options cost us.


Weet-bix – we buy the branded one, because we’ve tried the cheaper sort and it was like eating cardboard. It costs $5 for 1.4kg. There are 72 ‘bix’ and we eat 2 per serving, so from the box we get 36 servings. Therefore each breakfast serving costs us 14c. This doesn’t include milk, although we have hot water on our ‘bix and therefore need only a small amount of milk.

Sultana bran – again, we buy the branded one. It costs $8.68 for 850g. One serving is around 50g, so from the box we get 17 servings. Therefore each breakfast serving costs us 51c. Almost 4 times as much! We also use more milk and its a little too easy to pour a bigger serving as it isn’t as defined as the ‘bix. Buying own brand sultana bran will reduce the serving cost to 37c, however I’ve never seen it in my local supermarket and I look just about every time I go there.

Decision made – it’s Weet-bix all the way in this house!

Annual savings

Looking at the savings annually:

51c (serving of Sultana bran) -14c (serving of Weet-bix) = 37c

x 3 servings per day = $1.11

x 365 days of the year = $405.15

Mind. Actually. Blown.

It might seem like a small thing, but eating the cheaper cereal could save us over $400 per year. Just on cereal! Honestly, I find that an amazing amount to save and I’m now excited about looking at the costs of our other meals too.


What tips do you have for a super frugal breakfast? 

4 thoughts on “How to save $400 a year on breakfast

  1. I’m a bit of a cereal snob and I need the variety types akin to sultana bran, light n tasty, just right etc. It’s the only cereal I’ve never gotten sick of – but the price of it! yikes! And I get really annoyed when the packaging depicts heaps of fruit and etc throughout yet when I open the packet it’s more like getting 1 token sultana per serve.

    My solution: I make my own now. I’ll have to blog about my process and the price breakdown (because I get financially nerdy like that 😉 😛 ) but on taste alone ❤ Best cereal ever!


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