A note on frugal family days out

I posted earlier about how we’d been to the zoo and hadn’t spent a single cent. A big part of this was purchasing annual tickets using some money we had gratefully received as a Christmas gift. But would it be frugal to purchase this with our own, hard-earned cash?

The annual tickets cost $221 for two adults and a child (Miss FF is under 4 and therefore free, woop woop). When we have the annual pass we go around once a month.

$221 / 12 visits = $18.42 per visit.

One visit alone, without the annual pass, costs $72.

There are definitely cheaper/free places to go but I do think that’s a pretty good deal, don’t you? Here at FF Towers we like to go places as a family; we spend time together, show our children interesting things and let them play and run around. The zoo is a great place to visit with a variety of animals in beautiful grounds and a strong conservation program. It has different events throughout the year that are included in the admission cost so we never get bored.

Sometimes we stay all day and sometimes for just a few hours depending on what we want to see, how (tired) we feel, the weather etc. etc. I like that we don’t have to think ‘we’ve just paid a lot of money for this, we need to see everything and enjoy it, dammit!’ – you can guarantee that someone will have a meltdown (probably me).

It also means that we’re not tempted to go to lots of different places throughout the year, paying entrance fees all the time. We pay once, we go lots. In my mind it saves us money (mmm…maybe!). We’re being frugal, but not miserly!

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