Frugal family day out #1

Today we went to the zoo, zoo, zoo. Huh – that’s not so frugal, I hear you shout! Nope, a day out to the zoo could cost us in excess of $150 –

2 x adult entry = $58

1 x child entry = $14 (The other child is under 4, so free. The cat wasn’t invited.)

Lunch = $50

Drinks = $14+

Ice-creams = $10

Parking = $5

Total = $151

But we spent nothing, nada, naught, nowt.

Impossible, I hear you say! Well, I have to admit to a little help along the way in the form of money from Mr FF’s parents. As they live overseas, they transfer money into our account at Christmas for us to buy whatever we want. As we have enough belongings and value experiences over stuff, we decided to spend the money on annual passes to our nearby zoo. We live only 15 minutes away so it is a very convenient place to visit.

As we have annual passes, there isn’t the pressure to stay all day, so we went after lunch and took an afternoon snack and drinks to keep us nourished. We parked at a free (on weekends) parking area 2 minutes walk from the main entrance instead of the paid parking immediately adjacent the entrance. We got extra exercise and saved money at the same time!

Previously, I might have purchased a tea and a couple of ice-creams for Mstr and Mr FF. Not today, my friend! I took a tea in my trusty mug (best 5 bucks I ever spent, I’ve used it countless times and it keeps the tea warm for ages) and, well, we just didn’t have ice-creams. A great afternoon, free as a whistle and we’ll probably do the same thing next month 🙂

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